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The Best Bars to Celebrate the 2014 NY/NJ Superbowl

With Super Bowl XLVIII fast approaching, you’re probably wondering where exactly can you go in the city without paying $50 for a measly pitcher of Coors Light? Even if you’re not a football fan, you probably want to make the most out of the opportunity to party and just partake […]



Eichhörnchen, Eichhörnchen Everywhere

Squirrels are always an intriguing animal to see roaming in the streets of New York. They’re bushy-tailed, furry rodents that go hopping around the streets, reminding the people of New York that it’s not just a concrete metropolis but also a surprisingly vibrant wildlife sanctuary. For example, did you know […]


Superior Beer Selection at Superior Market

This is my first review of notable places in New York City. These are places that I’ve personally been to that I feel replicate some experiences that you can get while traveling abroad. While it’s not exactly the real thing, it’s the next best thing to traveling, since many New […]