Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Royal Palace

A Palace Fit for a King at Plaza del Oriente

The Plaza del Oriente is a public plaza converted for pedestrian use that was built as part of the grand design of the entire Palacio Real (The Royal Palace). Although this area used to belong to the royal family, nowadays it remains unoccupied by the royal family of Spain, where […]


Locks of Love at the Pont des Arts

Paris: it’s the city that most couples and romantic hopefuls dream about going to in order to find or cherish love. Between the beautiful cobblestone streets of Montmartre, the inspiring Greek-style statues you can find in the street and romantic cruises along the Seine river, it’s understandable how people can […]

Belgian Chocolate: The Final Frontier for the Cacao Bean

Chocolate lovers and aficionados, this is for you. You think you know what good chocolate is, but if you’ve never been to Belgium, you have no idea. I didn’t know either prior to setting foot in Belgium, but once I tried the chocolate from there, I refused to go back […]

Neuhaus shop in the Koninginnegalerij in Brussels

Beer Nirvana at the Belgian Room

As I’m sure I stated before, I’m a huge fan of food. It’s also comforting to find a nice place where you can kick back and relax while having a nice drink either with yourself or with friends. After my long sojourn to Europe, I was kind of missing the […]


NFL Drops the Touchdown Reception at Super Bowl Boulevard

  I managed to visit Super Bowl Boulevard that’s been built on the Times Square area in honor of the NY/NJ Superbowl that’s happening on Sunday. It’s supposed to have a lot of attractions for the public like being able to take pictures of the Lombardi Trophy, free concerts and […]