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Oktoberfest guide: bierhaus rules (Part 2) 1

Okay, so in my last post of this Oktoberfest guide, you found out the basics of getting to Munich, as well as arriving at the Festwiese (Theresienwiese) in one piece. We’re just getting warmed up because there’s plenty more to know. I think it’s safe to assume that you’re coming […]

Don't be fooled. At the time, I just met those people 30 minutes prior to having the picture taken. Heck, that wasn't even my beer I was posing with.

Munich Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest guide: preparing for the Festwiese (Part 1)

Oktoberfest season is starting to bear down on us again. The largest funfair in Germany takes approximately three months to set up leading up all the way to the opening night in late September, even though it did originate in October, staying true to its name. This Oktoberfest guide will […]

Stuck in paradise: how to handle flight cancellations

You think being stuck in paradise is a good thing? You’ve probably never been through a flight cancellation before. I was just finishing up a week in beautiful O’ahu, Hawaii. Yes, it was as beautiful as they make it out to be. The weather was always perfect for the beach […]

Inside Honolulu Airport, where I was stranded for an entire day. Thanks, American Airlines!