Don’t wait to make a difference (why resolutions for the New Year are useless)

New Year resolutions

Don’t wait until this to start making changes in your life. (credit:

My “New Year’s resolution”

Well, it’s that time of the year where people are leaving the past behind and looking into the future. I figure that I should do the same for today. I put “New Year’s resolution” in quotes because in reality, I’ve been using 2014 to kickstart these goals, although there’s still much work ahead of me. While I’ve been not updating this blog as often as before, I’ve been still making a lot of moves. It just hasn’t been necessarily relegated only to this blog or travel even (although I can promise you I still eat and breathe travel), but in many other facets of my life. Even though it feels like I’m just “stuck” in one place while doing many things in order to prepare for the future, that’s what happens when you’re doing the “prep work” to establish your future. It’s just like with anything in life: you reap what you sow. You have to work a lot of years before you can consider retirement. You have to do food preparation in a restaurant before it can open for the day. It’s all around us, but a lot of people hate doing the work before they can reap the rewards. This is especially true nowadays in the world of social media like Instagram and Facebook, where there’s instant gratification with swarms of pictures pointing out the food the same fancy dinner you had two weeks ago or pictures of the hot vacation spot you’ve always wanted to go to when in reality, the person already came back one month ago and is just spreading the pictures out over time. It’s okay. I understand you. In fact, sometimes I can’t help but feel the same way, even though I definitely can’t complain about not traveling because I’ve traveled frequently.

What I learned from 2014

This year for me was kind of a “buzzkill” in a way since I’ve stopped traveling so much (in comparison to 2013) in order to focus on other things so I can continue the long-term traveling I’m used to. It’s kind of a funny story, actually. I’m probably not even supposed to be here, and I stumbled upon traveling as a lifestyle by complete accident. However, what may seem like a mistake now may turn into a blessing later on. For example, my body and health was very beat up during the close of 2013 due to extensive traveling (believe it or not, long-term travel can be very strenuous to your health). I took a lot of 2014 to tend to my health problems before they could become something serious. It took me a while to realize exactly how beat up my body was, but I learned a great deal on how to do proper body maintenance and how to better listen to one’s body so you can give it what it needs. In fact, I haven’t been this healthy ever since my breakdown in 2009. My anxiety attacks are gone (which would hit me so hard out of nowhere that I had to call an ambulance one time, even thought it turned out to be nothing), I can finally start running and jogging with regularity, and I can finally do full-time work again.

I also learned that being an office administrator is no longer a viable career option for me. Now and again, the universe has been sending me signals that I’ve been ignoring for way too long. Now that I’m healthy enough to actually do something about it, I’m moving away from that and I’m moving onto forging a career based on things I enjoy: writing, creating, traveling. It’s definitely uncharted territory for me, and I may not be sure what I’m doing, but fortunately you’ll be able to learn from my findings that I post here while I do all the work. Unlike a lot of other travelers that I see, I want to create something for myself that I can keep in order to gain money or income whenever I’ll need it. Instead, I see too many people doing the “save your life savings, then go splurge and travel, then go broke and repeat” approach. While I’ve done the same and I’ve had success with it, after a while doing it I thought “there has to be a better way.” Now that I’ve had the fun and recreation I most desperately needed, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. While I’m not saying that I want to be a millionaire, I don’t want to be a total vagabond either. I see way too many travelers out there just depending on leeching off of others in order to “save money.” While I’m not saying you have to pay others with money to give back, a lot of these travelers just don’t even bother to give back (and I’ve personally known and hosted some of these people at home). I, however, want to give back. This blog is just one way of doing it, and eventually I’ll do plenty more of giving back.

Will it be easy? No, but fortunately I’ve taken the time off to 2014 to master some elements that has given me mental strength beyond imagination (and I’ll be showing you too later on) and making the impossible all of a sudden seem possible.

Why my resolution for 2015 is the same thing as always

My resolution for the New Year: use time for something purposeful. Note the “purposeful” and how it’s (intentionally) vague. Everyone wants something different from life. I just happen to want travel among other things. It’s funny how life works. Growing up, I was always branded as a genius and a learning prodigy. I just hated it and wanted to be normal, so I moved away from just being smart and worked on more “emotional” aspects of myself since I used to be way too analytic. It seems that now that I “balanced” myself out, I started to realize how valuable a good education is (and I’m not just talking about school). I can’t get enough of learning and listening to others with different experiences. Learning from the experience of others is a great way to become what you seek from the other person. That’s why I’ve dedicated more to learning from others. It’s an excellent shortcut from people who already know the road (a lot of it anyway) ahead of you. So what’s my purpose? To continue to learn, lay the foundation and start contributing the work for a better future. I’m not waiting for the perfect time. There is none.

New Year resolutions don't work

Cuz’ nothing says you want to make a difference than killing yourself in the gym for two weeks, am I right?

Don’t think. Just shoot first and ask questions later. Learning is equal parts learning and doing, just so you can learn from it, then do what you learned again. To those who think it’s too late, don’t. I’ve been to rock-bottom hell and back. 2014 was a year of atonement. 2015 will be the year for my redemption, for my year of enacting all I’ve been preparing. Just start now by breaking down your tasks into small, do-able tasks (don’t worry about how many items there are). I’m a firm believer of the “baby steps” approach. That’s how I’ve managed to come so far. You can too. Here’s to your year!

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