New York

New York State Pavilion: Peace Through Understanding

  The New York State Pavilion has been a mainstay in Flushing Meadow Park. While it has been long abandoned up to the point where many has forgotten its original purpose,it was originally built for the World’s Fair in 1964 that was held in New York. An interesting piece of […]


The giant flag was part of the opening ceremonies for the 2013 All-Star Game

MLB All-Star/HR Derby Game 2013: The Best of the Best in the Big Apple

I had the privilege of attending the 84th MLB (American professional baseball) All-Star Game with my friend Pedro (follow him on Twitter @Freestyle Chulo or his website, It was certainly a treat for any baseball fans like Pedro and myself because it was the first time that New York […]

Belgian Chocolate: The Final Frontier for the Cacao Bean

Chocolate lovers and aficionados, this is for you. You think you know what good chocolate is, but if you’ve never been to Belgium, you have no idea. I didn’t know either prior to setting foot in Belgium, but once I tried the chocolate from there, I refused to go back […]

Neuhaus shop in the Koninginnegalerij in Brussels


Beer Nirvana at the Belgian Room

As I’m sure I stated before, I’m a huge fan of food. It’s also comforting to find a nice place where you can kick back and relax while having a nice drink either with yourself or with friends. After my long sojourn to Europe, I was kind of missing the […]

NFL Drops the Touchdown Reception at Super Bowl Boulevard

  I managed to visit Super Bowl Boulevard that’s been built on the Times Square area in honor of the NY/NJ Superbowl that’s happening on Sunday. It’s supposed to have a lot of attractions for the public like being able to take pictures of the Lombardi Trophy, free concerts and […]


The Best Bars to Celebrate the 2014 NY/NJ Superbowl

With Super Bowl XLVIII fast approaching, you’re probably wondering where exactly can you go in the city without paying $50 for a measly pitcher of Coors Light? Even if you’re not a football fan, you probably want to make the most out of the opportunity to party and just partake […]

Superior Beer Selection at Superior Market

This is my first review of notable places in New York City. These are places that I’ve personally been to that I feel replicate some experiences that you can get while traveling abroad. While it’s not exactly the real thing, it’s the next best thing to traveling, since many New […]



All Aboard the Vintage Train

One of my favorite things about New York City is the Holiday Vintage Train and Bus rides during the holiday season. What they basically are is that the MTA rolls out perfectly functioning and preserved trains and buses from times long forgotten ago. They operate like normal trains and buses […]


5 Pointz of Legacies and Futures of the City

New York City is no stranger to graffiti. While the concept of graffiti originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it only began to evolve into what we know as graffiti today when it transferred over to New York City. With its elaborate subway tunnels and virtually unlimited painting estate with it, it […]