The Art of the 15kg Luggage: How Traveling Light Can Help You Save Money

Want to save on traveling? Of course you do. You may be wondering why I’m making such a big deal over a piece of luggage that weighs 15 kilograms (slightly over 33 pounds for those who don’t use the metric system, like here in the US). It’s a big deal […]



Beer Nirvana at the Belgian Room

As I’m sure I stated before, I’m a huge fan of food. It’s also comforting to find a nice place where you can kick back and relax while having a nice drink either with yourself or with friends. After my long sojourn to Europe, I was kind of missing the […]

NFL Drops the Touchdown Reception at Super Bowl Boulevard

  I managed to visit Super Bowl Boulevard that’s been built on the Times Square area in honor of the NY/NJ Superbowl that’s happening on Sunday. It’s supposed to have a lot of attractions for the public like being able to take pictures of the Lombardi Trophy, free concerts and […]


Superior Beer Selection at Superior Market

This is my first review of notable places in New York City. These are places that I’ve personally been to that I feel replicate some experiences that you can get while traveling abroad. While it’s not exactly the real thing, it’s the next best thing to traveling, since many New […]