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Do you really want to travel? 1

The first thing most people say when talking about their dream is “I want to travel the world!” However, most people don’t realize that traveling the world for an extended period of time (which I consider more than two weeks) is very different from a regular vacation. With vacation, the […]

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Oktoberfest large tents

Oktoberfest guide: the large tents (Part 4)

Now that you’ve gotten through the beginning and advanced rules in this Oktoberfest guide, it’s time to move on to the nitty gritty: the large tents of Oktoberfest. This part of the Oktoberfest guide will have a brief description of the 14 large tents that will be present in the […]

Oktoberfest guide: reservations and tent logistics (Part 3)

In this Oktoberfest guide, now you’ve covered the fundamentals and basics. It’s time to learn the advanced tactics and strategies you’ll need in order to declare victory, include Oktoberfest reservations. Reservations for Oktoberfest Yes, you can actually reserve a table for Oktoberfest at no (direct) cost. However, there’s a lot […]

Munich Okotberfest weekday afternoon

Don't be fooled. At the time, I just met those people 30 minutes prior to having the picture taken. Heck, that wasn't even my beer I was posing with.

Oktoberfest guide: bierhaus rules (Part 2) 1

Okay, so in my last post of this Oktoberfest guide, you found out the basics of getting to Munich, as well as arriving at the Festwiese (Theresienwiese) in one piece. We’re just getting warmed up because there’s plenty more to know. I think it’s safe to assume that you’re coming […]

Oktoberfest guide: preparing for the Festwiese (Part 1)

Oktoberfest season is starting to bear down on us again. The largest funfair in Germany takes approximately three months to set up leading up all the way to the opening night in late September, even though it did originate in October, staying true to its name. This Oktoberfest guide will […]

Munich Oktoberfest

Inside Honolulu Airport, where I was stranded for an entire day. Thanks, American Airlines!

Stuck in paradise: how to handle flight cancellations

You think being stuck in paradise is a good thing? You’ve probably never been through a flight cancellation before. I was just finishing up a week in beautiful O’ahu, Hawaii. Yes, it was as beautiful as they make it out to be. The weather was always perfect for the beach […]

"The Thinker," an original sculpture by Auguste Rodin. This can actually be seen in the gardens of the Rodin Museum in Paris, France.

Stop Thinking, Start Living 1

You may be wondering why I’m starting off the “Travel Life” series of posts with a bunch of “mental preparation” posts. Well, what’s the point of traveling to foreign places if you never get to enjoy anything? The NY Minute Traveler is supposed to have fun, while actively purging the […]

Money For Dream Destinations: The Practice of Abandonment

A big question I often get asked is “how do you afford to travel so much?” It’s not one single thing that can help you have that lifestyle, but many things working in conjunction much like the waterfall analogy I used. You always have to start somewhere, so for those […]

You don't need a lot of money to make your travel dreams come true.


The Art of the 15kg Luggage: How Traveling Light Can Help You Save Money

Want to save on traveling? Of course you do. You may be wondering why I’m making such a big deal over a piece of luggage that weighs 15 kilograms (slightly over 33 pounds for those who don’t use the metric system, like here in the US). It’s a big deal […]